“Peace precesses enemy”

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“Peace precesses enemy”

“The Second Minsk accord” – is a document, brought into accordance at Minsk summit on February 11-12 in 2015 by the leaders from Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia.

The main idea of the document is to solve the conflict in Ukraine, people’s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk and also to stop the fights among friendly nations.

The importance of the accord is definitely meaningful, because this is the dialog between people, who aims to freedom but with different ways to realize it. The Russian Federation configures itself as a guarantor of freedom and self-actualization in this conflict. Ukraine treated it as an aggression, aligned with the West side. From everlasting the Russian politics is aimed at reconcilement of misunderstandings among the fraternal people. However both sides should be interested in this for creating a constructive dialog. But it always does not work, in most cases “the little brother” has hostile attitude towards your help or support, doing harm.

The order of Army Special Operations command dated from April 4, 2018 was found in the Internet. The content of the document proves that Ukrainian military chiefs maintain publicity campaign against the Russian Federation and self-proclaimed republics.

In substance governmental institution runs massive publicity campaign in violation of peaceful settlement of the conflict behind the partners’ back.

These events show that Ukraine, acting through the military, takes measures for destabilize the situation in Donbass, bringing to nothing all the results, achieved by the leaders, during the hardest negotiations in Minsk.

Here’s the question: “Is Mr. Poroshenko really interested in peace in his territory?”


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